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P  H I L O S O P H Y   O F  S T E V E N S O N  V A L U A T I O N  G R O U P

Stevenson Valuation Group is dedicated to providing independent comprehensive business valuation services. The firm’s commitment is to provide a well reasoned and defensible estimate of value based upon professionally proven methods that are accepted in the market place and in the court room.

The value of any business is determined by a complicated set of factors. And, for this reason, it is important to work with a valuation professional skilled in selecting and applying the appropriate methodology. At Stevenson Valuation Group we are focused on business valuations, it is our primary business. We hve successfully handled hundreds of valuation matters and are recognized as a leader in our field.

valuation imageWe perform business valuations for entities operating in a wide variety of industries. We work extensively on valuations for gift, estate and inheritance tax planning, merger and acquisition transactions, buy-sell agreements and marital dissolution proceedings.

Finally, SVG has invested in the appropriate computer technology to permit it to conduct business from anywhere in the country. We currently serve Central Coast California, West Michigan and are expanding our practice to include East Florida.